Heirs of Salvation - Heritiers du Salut

Therefore, I say unto you, all things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."Nothing is impossible to God through prayer.

Organizing the Youth and provide wholesome recreational programs that  further the ideals of Christian living.

Ministering to the poor as an ongoing activity following the ideals of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Building Churches, Schools, pastoriums and others institutions of religious, charitable and benevolent character so that members of the church and others are instructed and guided in these articles of faith evangelical groups.

Pastor Esperance is committed to ensure that all these activities are conducted in a charitable manner in accordance with our Christian ideals.


    Ordinance of Baptism

The ordinance of baptism by immersion in water for those who have repented their sins.   Luke 22:19, 20.1Cor 11:24-26

“Ordinance of the Lords Supper shall be regularly observed, as enjoined in the scriptures

Infants and toddlers may dedicate to the Lord in the Church when requested

  Performing Marriages as instituted by God

Praying For and Anointing the Sick.

Mark 16:18, James 5:14.  The sick will be prayed for with the anointing of oil and laying on of hands upon their request

HOS has grown into an international mission and a faith-based organization with missionaries who share their passion for the Gospel between Brooklyn, NY, Léogane and Source Corossol in Haiti.  Heirs of Salvation members serve God among Haitian Americans in boroughs of New York City and Upstate NY.  They are an intergenerational group of people in diverse professional areas, from college students, to athletes, nurses and social workers.  The organization is seeking for people who have construction skills to help in the rebuilding of Haiti devastated by the January 2010 earthquake.

Sister Mireille has a dream that HOS will become a community of God’s people who see their role as devout worshipers who love to spread the Gospel while abounding in services to those less fortunate as is now the case in Haiti, while they fulfill Christ’s mission.

  Hope Village - Project

Héritiers du Salut, Inc. (Heirs of Salvation) as an established Mission Church since 2009 by Marie Mireille Valmé Esperance and led by Pastor Serge R. Espérance is dedicated to Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and to convince others to do so.  As part of its ongoing worship of Jesus Christ, HOS offers Bible Study, Missions to Haiti, Fellowship, Outreach, Youth Programs, Special Works and other activities described herein.

HOS is an independent, non denominational Christian Church administered by Rev. Serge R. Espérance.